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Welcome to Firefly Natural Health! I'm Dr. Becky Whelchel, a Naturopathic Doctor and naturally intuitive healer, reader and teacher.

I specialize in helping individuals achieve deep healing and wellness through online courses and one-on-one sessions for the healing the mind, emotions, energy and spirit. I use powerful (yet gentle) modalities that can help you release energetic blockages, reduce stress and anxiety, and tap into the wisdom of your higher self to live a more fulfilling life. Healing in these areas opens up the physical body for healing as well.

I'm here to support my clients, allow them to feel heard and seen, and maintain a judgement-free space, where everyone can feel comfortable being themselves.

My one-on-one virtual appointments allow my clients around the world to receive expert care, that they may not be able to find elsewhere. My holistic courses allow you to use my expert information to transform your life and health.  Many of the courses focus on physical healing, but are very holistic as well. 

Let's work together help you live a glowing life! (And let's have fun doing it!)

Why "Firefly"?

Growing up in Indiana, I delighted in the sight of fireflies (we called them lightning bugs!) softly glowing and blinking as they moved throughout the quiet twilight of summer, just as the yard is cooling off and time for being quiet and less active approaches. It was a magical experience, filled with potential and wonder. 


These little fireflies bring feelings of peace, happiness and wonder to the world, just by being themselves.  I chose the firefly to represent my business because we all shine with our own unique light, and we are all part of the magic of nature and life.  I want to help us remember that, and feel that every day.  We are beautiful, we are magical, we shine - just by being who we are.

Dr. Becky Whelchel welcomes you to Firefly Natural Health

Meet Dr. Becky Whelchel

Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic Health Teacher, Intuitive Reader, Energy Healer 

Teas, herbs and lemon
Woman with smoothie
Happy woman drinks herbal tea
Two women joyfully go on a walk

"Get Your Glow On" Holistic Wellness Course

Ever since I was a young woman, I've been passionate about empowering individuals, especially women to take control of their health and in easy, accessible ways that speak to all parts of a person, not just the body. That's why I offer the Get Your Glow On Holistic Health Course - a self-paced program designed to help you transform your health in holistic ways. Through online video classes and worksheets, you'll learn how to support your body with healthy eating, joyful movement, manage stress, choose supplements, and create healthy habits that last a lifetime.  With my guidance, you'll receive the tools and information you need to ignite your fundamental health and transform your life. Are you ready to take control of your health and live a glowing life? The course is almost ready, so please join my email list to hear when it's open.

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