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Dr. Whelchel inviting you to experience glowing health

Glowing Health for the Mind, Body and Spirit with Dr. Becky Whelchel

Holistic Health Classes

Profound Mind-Body Healing

Intuitive Readings

Physical, mental emotional and spiritual health are all connected - deep healing starts with the mind, emotions and the energy or spirit.

Sometimes deeper, profound healing happens in the the levels that are deeper than physical.  

We can easily see the mind and emotions affect the physical body.  A person with long term stress develops high blood pressure which can eventually lead to heart disease.

But taking it even deeper, why is the person prone to stress?  Childhood experiences may have ingrained in this person the learned behaviors of worry, perfectionism, or avoidance, for example.

By discovering and addressing the deeper, learned habits, a person can heal spirit, mind and eventually body as well.

  Awesome 1:1 Sessions  

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Mind-Body Healing

Let the real you shine by clearing old patterns, trauma and experiences that holding you back. Permanently change the way you respond to people and situations in one session. Clients say it's "practically magic!"

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Medical Intuitive Readings

Hear the wisdom of your body and higher self. Allow it to light your path to physical and emotional healing and  growth. Includes insights into physical, emotional concerns and healing, as well as energetic causes. 

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Pranic Healing
(Energy Healing)

Similar but more powerful than Reiki, experience energy healing for glowing physical, mental, emotional, and energetic wellness. Dr. Whelchel has been described as a natural healer by her colleagues.

   Holistic Health Classes

When you seek to deepen your healing in truly holistic ways, not just with pills or supplements, you want good information, not the random stuff on the internet.  My classes include expert information on healing mind, body, spirit and energy for holistic health and wellness.  Combinations of nutrition, lifestyle, stress management, belief changes, herbal and nutritional support supplements, suggested testing and when to see a doctor are included for helping you heal yourself, with my support.

Classes are coming soon!  Including the Babylicious Fertility Course and The Holistic Foundations for Glowing Health. 


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Hi! I'm Dr. Becky Whelchel

Do people think you are "weird" or a little "woo woo," just like me?

After trying to fit into what the world expected of me, I branched out into the things I felt mattered the most, which were not being addressed by medicine - the mind-body connection and the energetic and spiritual aspects of health and wellbeing.  

As a scientist, I seek what will help people based on published evidence, but also acknowledge that some things have not been "proven" yet, but will be eventually - because they work.

I create new healing techniques, such as IllumINNATE, practice the best energy healing that I have seen work wonders, use my intuitive gifts to help people find answers, and teach my holistic healing knowledge in courses - so anyone can find healing.  

What I offer is not for everyone, but if it resonates with you, I hope I can help you grow as a person and guide you to glowing health.  Thank you for visiting, and if you would like to learn more of what I have to share, I invite you to join my email list where I send out newsletters, share thoughts and insights, and give out virtual high fives to the cool, weird and awesome people we are!

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